Steaks and Chops

Choice of side: Baked potato, Lyonnaise potato, mashed potato, or chef’s vegetable Seasonal garnish, Garlic bread and ice cream or sherbet

Rare: Red cool center
Medium Rare: Red Warm Center
Medium: Pink Hot Center
Well: Broiled Through

Add sautéed mushrooms $2.00
Add Grinnell’s Fromage sauce or Steak Butter $3.00
Add Grinnell’s Au Poivre sauce or Black Truffle Bordelaise $4.00

Chicken & Veal


Combinations (Market Price) 

Create your own entree with a selection of TWO of the following, prepared in the Grinnell’s fashion
Prime Rib, Broiled Shrimp, New York Strip, Broiled Scallops, Filet Mignon, King Crab, Single Pork Chop, Lobster Tail, Single Lamb Chop